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I’ll be honest, growing up I wasn’t the biggest Halloween fan. I was never fond of the costume parties, candy gorging, trudging through sideways rain or sharing your candy with your younger siblings… the list goes on-and-on.

But as the season quickly approaches, the warm sunny weather vacates (or at least I think it will at some point), and skies turn a little wetter and grayer…. let me reflect on what Halloween (and more importantly fall) now means to me:


Let’s start with the work side of things:

  • Coding in the dark for a solid half day
  • End of the year project pushes and deployments
  • Expanding and managing teams to meet the deadlines, along with multiple site and product launches
  • Why doesn’t this work on Internet Explorer 11?
  • Celebrating the wins, the people and the opportunities
    • Reflecting and grow from the challenges
  • Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork


And then a little of a “rest of life-centric” focus:

  • Lamenting the loss of the daylight
  • Hockey season starts (feeling I may be in the minority here, please see this handy link for a primer)
  • Soggy Bike commutes
  • Soups and stews all day
  • Reluctantly retiring the shorts for the season
  • Restocking the hoodie collection
  • More red wine please
  • More white wine please
  • The “getting another dog” conversation kicks up a notch (actually really looking forward to this one)


Life goes by at a lightning pace – enjoy the season change, be proud of the great work we’ve done… and partake in a Halloween party or three. Our days are constantly filled with both tricks and treats – learn and grow from it, that’s life in all it’s glory.



Written by R\West Technical Director, Dan Eckis

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